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B0RiNG DAY!!! again....

today was pretty boring. i woke up at 12 and ate and talked to someone? i dont remember. but yeah then i came and watched some TV and yeah... then i took a shower... and jesse called me and asked me for Julia's number and it freaked me out because i was in the shower... but yeah... then i got online, talked to alex for a few... he's in cali till Saturday or Sunday ahh i wish i could be in california, because it's awesome and the weather is nice. but yeah... then i got off, ate dinner messed with my dad's new pretty phone/palm. and yeah... now i'm watchinng TV with my sister's and i'm bored!! i cant wait till tomorrow then me and the shelbs get to hang out at the mall and it will be fun since stupid school starts in like 3 days. yeah..

i'm bored

later kiddos
<3 emilia
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